Happenings at Asiento


Ongoing (DJs & music at the bar and other events)


    -Trivia Night with Brainstormer (questions at 8:00 sharp)


    -Taco Tuesday The Happiest Hours DJ Brent Northey & Special Guests

    -$3 Tacos and Drink Specials


    -Game night - come and play board games and make new friends

    -1st: DJ Nico (house)

    -2nd: False Profit Happy Hour (not your quiet sort of night)

    -4th: DJ Kuz (jazzy, house jams)


    -1st: Deep Sea 2Tinas (fun tech-house)

    -2nd: 9pm David Gropper (all vinyl)

    -3rd: Rotating Local DJs

    -4th: Cesare (European/French Night!) French cocktail specials & Fries!

    -5th: Rotating Local DJs

    -Last Thursday of each month Moules a Facette:

    A French Evening with French cocktail specials and Mussels & Fries!

Fridays and Saturdays

    -1st Fridays: Soul Night w/Boogaloo Soul Dog

    -2nd Fridays: DJs Good Times (Old School Hip Hop, Funk, Latin)

    -3rd Fridays: DJ Travis Ibarra’s Love Supreme (Disco/OSHipHop/Dance)

    -4th Fridays: DJ Kevin Garcia’s Where Love Lives (Disco & House)

    -5th Fridays: DJ Dave (Old School Hip Hop, Funk, Latin)

-Saturdays we have various DJs from events

    - Booth is booked 1st come/confirmed, 1st reserved for the DJ booth)

        (often bday parties provide the DJs on Saturdays, mainstream variety)


DJ booth open for events! We host live bands as well. We are currently closed Sundays. Therefore, we are available for your fundraiser and other events where you might want to charge people to attend (we normally do not allow door charges).

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