Welcome to Madam Racecar.


It’s been a long, love filled journey through Covid and my 11.5 years as the sole owner and operator of Asiento. I was bringing on a partner and so we remodeled and rebranded into this person’s vision of his bar.  As everyone knows, plans don’t always go according to design. This partner has decided they are better suited to stay a manager than an owner.  So you’ll be seeing some updates to the decor, menus and possibly the new brand. I appreciate your support as I navigate through this second change of the year. Thank you for your patience with the changes as I determine what the future will hold.  It will of course involve you- my neighbors, community and friends.  Thank you again, Debi.

For simplicity sake, you can still contact me here: info@asientosf.com and I’ll email you back from the new email addresses I am using :)

We’ve updated the look & logo, but we are still your neighborhood bar!  Please view our new website www.MadamRacecar.com