Food Menu

Asiento Juicy Burger

6oz beef mixed w/white onion, cilantro, garlic, jalapeño & soy sauce, topped sautéed spinach, mayo, sourdough English muffin
$ 14

Madam Burger ^

double patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, caramelized onions, pickles, secrets
$ 15

Vegan Burger ^

Kabocha & Butternut squash, bell peppers, onion, chipotle pine nut romesco, guac, arugula, sourdough English muffin
$ 14

Red Thai Curry Meatballs ^

all-beef meatballs, coconut curry sauce, jalapeño, onion, grilled bread
$ 14.5

Quesadilla ^

flour tortilla, 5 cheese blend, chipotle crema, peppers, tomatoes, salsa
carnitas or shrimp
$ 12 -15

Tacos *

Grilled chicken w/pineapple
Chicken tinga
Beef Chorizo
$ 5-6

Camarones ala Diabla ^

chili de arbol, chipotle, garlic, evoo, onion, spices (spicy)
$ 14

Prosciutto Bites ^

chili-sundried tomato-goat cheese tapenade, organic arugula, cherry tomato, basil drizzle, herbs
$ 12

Queso Fundido

house 5 cheese blend w/house made corn chips
beef chorizo
$ 12-14

Spicy Spanish Stew ^

calamari, shrimp, organic brown rice, chicken stock, peppers, onions, celery, chili & grilled bread
$ 15

Fresh Rice Paper Hand Rolls *

lettuce, bell pepper, cucumber, pineapple, rice noodle, basil, mint, cilantro, sweet chili sauce
$ 11

Guacamole *

with house-made tortilla chips
$ 12

Gambas ^

sauteed shrimp, garlic, butter, white wine, chili, basil, grilled bread
$ 13

Lemon Hummus ^

chick peas, lemon, garlic, tahini, olive oil, grilled bread
$ 12

Tostaditas De Tinga *

chipotle marinated chicken with avocado, chipotle cream
$ 12

Shrimp Ceviche *

shrimp, jalapeno, white onion, cilantro, leche de tigre
$ 14


regular w/Sriracha mayo side 8 or sweet potato w/chipotle crema 9
$ 8 - 9

Spinach Balls

blanched spinach, sautéed onion & bell peppers, rosemary, panko, jalapeño-lemon aioli
$ 12

Caesar Salad *

romaine hearts, crunchy tortilla strips, anchovies, shaved parmesan, tangy lemon-anchovy dressing
add chicken or shrimp $5
$ 12

Romaine Salad *

romaine hearts, roasted nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts), cherry tomatoes, crunchy tortilla strips, basil vinaigrette
optional parmesan V
add chicken or shrimp $5
$ 11

Dessert! Cinnamon Toast Crunch Chips *

corn chips simmered in coconut milk with cinnamon, powdered sugar & dried apple pieces
$ 7.5

*     gluten free
^    gluten free upon request with substitutions
V    vegetarian
V+  vegan
substitute gluten free bread $2

for all non-cash payments add 2.81%